Reliance 6200 Examination Chair

Brand: Reliance

SKU: CS1RL6200-L

The Reliance 6200 Exam Chair offers efficient operation from both sides of the chair that features a power hydraulic lift that raises the patient smoothly.

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The Reliance 6200 Exam Chair is designed for efficient operation from both sides of the chair. Its ergonomic design facilitates contact with the patient and eliminates wasted movements. This manual pneumatic-assisted recline examination chair with power hydraulic lift raises the patient smoothly. A recline bar reachable from both sides of the chair activates the counterbalanced recline.

And Reliance chairs come with a CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance.

Available SKUs:

6200L (Low Base Model)
6200H (High Base Model)


  • Manual pneumatic-assisted recline examination chair to table position
  • Power hydraulic lift raises patient smoothly
  • A recline bar, reachable from both sides of the chair top, activates the counterbalanced recline
  • Membrane Switches are engineered for reliable performance year after year
  • Armrests lock in place and release for easy patient access
  • Large hinged footrest supports patient’s full weight


  • Choice of two base heights: High: 21¼“ to 33”. Low: 19¾“ 28¼”.
  • Base 22 5⁄16 x 24½
  • Depth: Upright (without headrest): 40”
  • Table: 60”
  • Seat: 19” (wide) x 18”
  • Armrest span: 19”
  • Shipping weight: 355 lbs
  • Electrical: 60/50 Hz, 6.3 amperes. Optional electric: 230 volts, 50 Hz, 4.0 amperes achieving CSA, C/US certificate of compliance.