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Extend the life of your lane equipment with annual preventative inspections by certified INNOVA technicians.

Our Exam Lane Care program offers a comprehensive 66-point inspection to keep your equipment working like new.

  • 66-point inspection and basic cleaning
  • Assessment of electrical connections
  • Adjustment and lubrication of moving parts
  • Instrument alignment and calibration
Exam Lane Care Plan
CoverageAnnual – One visit per year, scheduled at your request
What is CoveredChairs and stands: Up to 10 years from purchase date
Projectors, slit lamps, tonometers, lensmeters, keratometers, BIOs: Up to 10 years from purchase date
IncludesPreventative Maintenance
• Comprehensive 66-point inspection
• Covers visual inspection, instrument alignment, calibration and lubrication, functionality check and basic cleaning
• Includes service parts up to $1,000 list price
• Parts over $1,000 not included; no additional discounting available
• Parts such as motors, LED modules, power supplies, etc. not included
Phoropter Cleaning
• 20% discount on phoropter cleaning service (Non-discounted price is $604.95)
• Phoropter service and parts not included
Travel – Included for one-way up to 200 km*
EligibilityExisting Innova customers: ON and QC only
Pricing (Per Year)$595 per lane for the first two lanes
$495 per lane for each additional lane (third lane +)

* Surcharge applies to one-way travel over 200km
** Customer must own chair/stand and at least one other covered instrument type; Pricing subject to change at any time; All equipment subject to verification.