UFSK Eyeforce Stretcher

Brand: UFSK

SKU: SR1UF18000000

The UFSK Eyeforce Stretcher e-Drive system for effortless and rapid movement of the chair over long distances. Shop now through INNOVA.

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The perfect combination of of trendsetting comfort and supreme quality.

Ergonomic and mobile for highly efficient OR management


Advantages for Surgeon:

  • Mains-independent operation thanks to powerful and environmentally friendly batteries (lasting between 35 and 40 surgery cycles), quickly exchangeable via drawer
  • Tiltable foot control via two 4-way joysticks plus activation switch allow sensitive and precise chair adjustment even after the surgeon is already aseptic
  • Manual keypad with five individually programmable memo positions, reset button and auto-run function
  • The 3-D and longitudinally adjustable headrest element with head molding ensure safe and correct positioning of the patient’s head
  • With equipotential bonding connection
  • Ample legroom for the surgeon – for optimized access to the patients head, also temporal


Advantages for Assistant:

  • Lightweight travel gear made of cast aluminum with four fully rotating doublerun casters for easy and ergonomic rolling motion
  • Optimized controlled handling of the chair by only a single person thanks to the electronically controlled barking system with “Steering Guide” function
  • Push handles at the head and foot ends
  • Activation / deactivation of the “Steering Guide” at the head and foot ends via manual keypad or micro-switches at the push handles
  • Electronic wheel brake acting on four wheels
  • Easy, mobile and user friendly handling


Advantages for Patient:

  • The extension system prevents the patient from sliding down the chair
  • Allows adjustment of the reclining surface to suit individual patient needs
  • Very low access height