UFSK 500 ECO Treatment Chair

Brand: UFSK

SKU: SR1UF15000008

The UFSK-OSYS 500 ECO treatment chair is ideal for walk-in OR concepts and IVOM treatments. Designed for compfortable and stress-free positioning for patient & surgeon.

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500 ECO – ideal for I.V.I. treatments
Basic budget friendly treatment chair for walk-in OR concepts and Intravitreal Injection (I.V.I) treatments.
– JUST WALK-IN OR: in 5-6 seconds in OR-Position
– direct power connection

Advantages for Surgeon

  • Versatile design to support a wide range of applications: Primarily I.V.I. treatments, but also maxillo-facial applications, dental surgery, aesthetic treatments and dermatological applications
  • Direct power connection
  • Fast patient positioning in 5-6 seconds in OR position
  • Multifunctional manual keypad with 8 freely storable memory positions, auto-run function, CPR key and reset key for convenient patient positioning
  • (OPTIONAL) Multi-functional headrest
  • (OPTIONAL) Foot keypad for 2 memory positions (M1/M2)
  • 4 powerful drives for adjusting the backrest, footrest and seat elements as well as the overall height
  • Best VALUE FOR MONEY in its class


Efficiency and comfort for patients and medical staff

The user-friendly and ergonomic components of the 500 ECO treatment chair enable a pleasant and efficient surgical procedure for both the patient and the medical staff.

  • 4 powerful drives for easy adjustment of overall height, back, seat and leg sections
  • Stable stand with mono lifting column (load capacity up to 240 kg) and three extendable wheels for easy maneuvering if a change of location is necessary
  • The particularly low entry height of 550 mm allows the patient to sit down comfortably
  • Armrests and comfortable 4-section lying surface with 2-color upholstery for high patient safety and ergonomics
  • Mechanical adjustment options for comfortable and fine-tuned positioning of the patient’s head, adapted to the individual body dimensions
  • Optional equipment: removable footrest for 2 memory positions, multifunctional headboard and upholstery in special colors