UFSK 500 XLE Treatment Chair

Brand: UFSK

SKU: SR1UF15000006

The UFSK 500 XLE Stretcher treatment chair provides ergonomic sitting and lying with soft, fast and direct calling of the memory positions.

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Space-saving design meets excellent maneuverability and an attractive price-performance-ratio.

Optimal safety and ergonomics for patients and medical staff

The 500 XLE treatment chair is adapted to the requirements of positioning and ergonomic and comfortable treatment of the patient, especially for outpatient surgical techniques. It also provides comfortable conditions for patients and medical staff during longer operations:

  • Precision steel-built chassis with four large, fully rotating double castors for excellent driving characteristics as well as easy and back-friendly pushing
  • The high-gloss plastic cladding with scratch-resistant and stable surface finish is particularly hygienic and easy to disinfect
  • Automatic shutdown in standby mode with reactivation button for more safety
  • Individually adjustable head, back, seat and leg positions as well as horizontal table adjustment (Trendelenburg) for optimal adaptation to patient needs
  • The chair-table combination means that no additional repositioning of the patient is necessary
  • Removable push handles and low entry height allow easy and comfortable repositioning, maneuvering, and entry and exit for patients
  • Foldable and removable armrests and padded 4-section lying surface for high patient safety and ergonomics


Sterile positioning and best access in the head area for the surgeon

The user-friendly and deliberately technology-reduced 500 XLE creates a relaxed operating environment for the surgeon in which he can work precisely and sterilely at all times:

  • The removable foot control allows the surgeon to intuitively and precisely position the dental chair without interruption
  • Multifunctional handheld probe with 8 memory positions, auto-run function, reset button, CPR button and battery charge indicator ensures comfortable working conditions
  • The 3D and longitudinally adjustable headrest with trough and neck support guarantees safe and correct positioning of the head


Quality and durability, that pays off

The 500 XLE operating table relies on proven technology of the highest quality, offers an attractive price/performance ratio, and enables a higher patient throughput:

  • Designed for economical and efficient continuous use in rotation (Mobile Table Rotation)
  • Simple, intuitive operability and electromotive adjustment options reduce average operating time
  • Powerless operation due to powerful and environmentally friendly accumulator box (approx. 100 OP cycles), which can be changed quickly
  • Audible signal warns of deep battery discharge for added safety and longevity
  • Extendable accessory mounting system for quick and effortless attachment of additional components
  • Service-friendly access for easy cleaning and maintenance