NIDEK RS-330 Retina Scan Duo 2 with FAF

Brand: NIDEK


The Nidek RS-330 OCT is a combination of a High-Definition OCT and fundus camera. Optional delivery with FAF (Auto-fluorescence function)

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The Retina Scan Duo 2 is a combined OCT and fundus camera system that incorporates new features enhancing screening and clinical efficiency in addition to user-friendly features that were incorporated from the previous model.


  • Fundus image acquisition with macula and disc capture in one image on OCT
  • Combined diagnosis of macular and disc pathologies
  • Wide area scan (12 x 9 mm)
    Wide area normative database (macula: 9 x 9 mm, disc: 6 x 6 mm): A 12 x 9 mm wide area image can be acquired. The retina map captures both the macula and disc in a single shot. The normative database provides a wide area color-coded map comparing the patient’s macular thickness to a population of normal eyes.
  • Denoising technique with deep learning: A new image enhancement technique using deep learning automatically displays a denoised image once B-scan acquisition is complete. With deep learning of a large data set of images averaged from 120 images, this denoising technique provides high definition images comparable to a multiple-image-averaging technique. The denoising function generates high definition images from a single frame while decreasing image acquisition time and increasing patient comfort.
  • Quick acquisition of high definition B-scan images from a single-frame image
  • Fundus autofluorescence (FAF): The FAF function is an advanced screening feature that allows non-invasive evaluation of the RPE without contrast dye.
    *Available for the FAF model