NIDEK AFC-330 Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK AFC-330 Auto Fundus Camera has an integrated CCD camera and microcomputer in one compact unit without?requiring an external camera and PC.

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NIDEK’s AFC-330 represents a 40-year pedigree of research and development that redefines the science of non-mydriatic fundus cameras.

TheAFC-330 has an integrated CCD camera and microcomputer in one compact unit without requiring an external camera and PC. It eliminates complicated assembly and wiring during installation and is virtually “ready to use out of the box”. The built-in CCD camera has 12-megapixel resolution, producing high quality fundus images. The build-in microcomputer enables data management including auto print / export. This compact camera enhances the portability, space-saving, and efficiency of the practice.


  • All-In-One with CCD Camera and Microcomputer:The integrated high-resolution CCD camera and microcomputer remove the complicated cabling, allowing the AFC-330 to communicate via LAN without the need of an external PC in the screening area.
  • Automated Photography Functions: AFC-330’s automated functions forge new ground in fundus imaging technology with focus on capturing the high quality picture every time, regardless of operator experience or skill level.
  • Operator Assist Functions: The AFC-330 delivers unsurpassed ease of use with advanced features that enhance the management of retinal diseases. Experience an enhanced ease-of-use with anterior eye monitor and indicator for operator assist and focus split indicator.
  • Low Flash Intensity & Shutter Sound: Increase patient comfort with lower flash intensity, sound-dampened mechanical movements, and automatic capturing. The AFC-330 enhances practice flow with more accurate data, faster exams, and less need for retakes.