NIDEK ME-1500 Multifunction Edger

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK ME-1500 Multifunction Edger delivers expert lens edging. The expanded features include drilling and high base curve lens processing.

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NIDEK’s flagship model, the ME-1500, boasts comprehensive technology to deliver expert lens edging. True to its name of “multifunction edger”, the expanded features such as drilling, high base curve lens processing, and design functions allow processing a wide array of frames.


  • Masterful lens edging The ME-1500 offers a multitude of lens processing options based on lens material and coatings through reliable technology. NIDEK’s super fit software automatically selects the most appropriate lens processing method by calculating the grinding pressure. Even super hydrophobic coated lenses are processed without axis shifts
  • Automatic 3D drilling
  • High base curve processing Multi/mini beveling Step beveling / partial step processing
  • Unbridled imagination
  • The design functions of the ME-1500 will stimulate your imagination and make creative ideas a reality. Your unleashed imagination will produce lenses like beautiful works of art.
  • User friendly
  • The distinctive design of the ME-1500 is in the pursuit of ergonomics and ease of use. A full-scale display and jog dial offer smooth data entry. The assistant functions make workflow more efficient, even for beginners