NIDEK LEXCE Trend Patternless Edger

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK LEXCE Trend Patternless Edger is designed to grind all lens material, is equipped with an optical shape tracer and a manual integrated blocker.

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LEXCE Trend is an all-in-one, compact lens edger.

Designed to grind all lens material, it is equipped with an optical shape tracer and a manual integrated blocker.

Its advanced functions make possible all the mounting of everyday life.

Its 5 axis mobile drilling and grooving unit provide a perfect accuracy and finishing quality.

Software interface offers a “professional” mode, including all the options on the same screen or a “wizard” mode, consisting of a step-by-step guidance for simplified edging job.


  • 3-D drilling optimally controlled by 5-axis
    The drill unit uses a 5-axis mechanism, providing a high degree of accuracy for all your drilling jobs.
  • Precise grooving providing attractive edge surface
    The processing unit that runs the drill, also performs high quality safety beveling and grooving on any lenses.
  • Highly accurate and precise blocking function
    Blocker unit is simple to operate while offering great performance. Magnification of the display facilitates viewing of lens markings during blocking.
  • Automatic hole and shape data acquisition by imager (optical tracer)
    The integrated imager can capture optical tracings, along with drill hole data. The data can be easily edited on the multifunction color screen.
  • Precise tracing for all types of shapes The original NIDEK designed 3-D frame tracer, now equipped with a full auto clamping mechanism, performs highly precise measurements even on high curve frames. Additionally, two types of tracing methods (imager and Radius Measuring Unit) are available for tracing demo lenses and patterns with the LEXCE Trend.
  • Selectable user interface designed for intuitive operation driven by two types of user interface; a step-by-step wizard mode for beginners and a professional mode for experts, it offers every user a comfortable operation with incredible ease.
  • Multiple configurations multiple configurations can be chosen from different model types depending on the situation of all optical shops and labs, either as a new integration or as an additional unit.