Heine LED Loupe Light

Brand: Heine

SKU: LO1HEC00832450

The Heine LED Loupe Light offers a combination of light and loupe for ultimate, shadow-free performance.

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Compact LED Loupe Light Ideal for ENT and dental use. Advanced LED TechnologyWhite, homogeneous light, ideal for all surgical and dental applications. Coaxial IlluminationShadow-free illumination of cavities, ideal for ENT and dental applications. Perfect co-axial viewing with all compatible HEINE loupes. Compact, lightweight (24g) Ensures perfect comfort.


  • Aluminium housing
  • Compact and long lasting with advanced heat management
  • Waterproof design – Easy to clean
  • Individual adjustment of the angle of view
  • The right angle for every situation
  • Optional yellow filter reduces blue light
  • Avoids premature hardening of composites
  • Precision multiple lens optical system consisting of four high-quality lenses
  • Completely homogeneous Illumination of the whole field of view, and a clearly defined light spot