Heine HRP High Resolution Prismatic Binocular Loupes (3.5X, 420mm)

Brand: Heine

SKU: LO1HEC0032430

The Heine HRP High Resolution Prismatic Binocular Loupes (3.5X, 420mm) provide crisp, high-resolution images, large field of view, lightweight, multi-coated Achromatic Optics.

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HRP Technology for highly-magnified crisp imagesHRP Optic with i-View: HRP Binocular Loupes of 3.5x magnification or higher are recommended for fine surgical procedures where high magnification is necessary, for example in endodontal, vascular, neuro, and intricate orthopedic surgery and for experienced users. HRP loupes have been designed to provide the largest field of view and best depth of field possible for each magnification.


  • Achromatic optics for crisp, bright images from edge to edge
  • Lightweight (85 g)
  • Water-resistant
  • Independent adjustment of left and right optics for perfect PD adjustment
  • Highest magnification: Choice of 3.5 x, 4 x and 6 x i-View loupe mount provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the optional LED LoupeLight.