Volk High Resolution Wide Field Lens

Brand: Volk


The Volk H-R Wide Field lens offers the widest field of view and is ideal for the diagnosis and treament of mid-far peripheral retinal defects.

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Extreme Wide Field Examination and Laser PRP Treatment

Delivering unmatched wide field imaging, the Volk HR Wide Field lens improves upon earlier pan retinal contact lenses for visualization to the ora with no distortion.


  • Advanced double aspheric design provides unparalleled wide field views and is ideal for PRP laser treatment
  • Superior low dispersion glass design eliminates distortion across the entire view
  • Small profile lens housing is great for narrow brows or deep set eyes
  • Flanged contact provides excellent stability on the eye
 Field of View Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
160°/165° 0.50x 2.0x