Volk 6-Mirror Handheld Gonio Lens (Large, No Flange)

Brand: Volk


The Volk G-6 Gonio lens features a 6-mirror, all-glass design for a panoramic view of the anterior chamber.

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The G-6 Six-Mirror Glass Gonio Lens from Volk is the most advanced gonio lens for static and dynamic gonioscopy. Six angled mirrors provide a superior panoramic view of the anterior chamber angle as compared to traditional four-mirror lenses. All glass design provides superior clarity compared to acrylic lenses. Order online today.


  • All glass design provides superior clarity and durability compared to acrylic lenses.
  • Six closely aligned mirrors eliminate gaps providing a true 360° panoramic view.
  • More complete mirror structure can reduce examination time by 25% or more: Simpler to locate position and scan across mirrors; no confusion where one view ends and the next begins. Reduces need to maneuver slit lamp.
  • Enhanced lens body design improves utility: A tapered profile less prone to a patient squeezing off the eye.
  • A taller, narrower body easier to hold within the orbit.
Mirror Angles Image Mag Laser Spot Size Contact Diameter Ring Diameter
6 x 63° 1.0x 1.0x 8.4mm 28.5mm