Haag-Streit 3-Mirror Laser Lens

Brand: Haag-Streit


The Haag-Streit 3-Mirror Laser lens allows for examination of the entire retina and the iridocorneal angle and features anti-reflective coating for laser treatments.

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Three mirror contact lens 903 L – Fundus Iridocornea

The established Goldmann contact lens series for examination of the entire ocular fundus and the iridocorneal angle. When referred to, these lenses are also available with scleral flange (S). All Goldmann three mirror contact lenses are available also with lumenized-coated protective lens (L), designed to work with argon/YAG lasers.

THREE MIRROR CONTACT LENS 903, 903 S AND 903 L – The classic Goldmann lens. Additionally 903 and 903 L can be used with Stery Cup – best to prevent the transfer of prions between patients.