Volk 3-Mirror Gonio Lens (Acrylic)

Brand: Volk


The Volk 3-Mirror Acrylic Gonio lens is lightweight and is available coated or non-coated and with or without flange.

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CA$567.31 - CA$683.31

Primary Application – 3-Mirror, Acrylic Design

  • 3-mirror design provides the same views as our G-3 Gonio lenses but in a light weight acrylic design
  • Uncoated lenses are ideal for diagnostic exams while coated lenses are perfect for laser treatments
  • Advanced no fluid (ANF+) flange only requires a coupling fluid during laser procedures
Mirror Angles Image Magnification Laser Spot Size Contact Diameter
60° / 66° / 76° 1.06x 0.94x

No Flange: 15.3 mm

 ANF+: 18 mm