Volk 2-Mirror Trabeculum Lens

Brand: Volk


The Volk G-2 Gonio lens features a 2-mirror, all-glass design with high magnification for a broad view of the anterior chamber.

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2-Mirror, All-Glass Design

  • High magnification (1.50x) combined with dual mirror angles (60/64) allows for both a detailed
  • and a broad view of the anterior chamber
  • All-glass design provides superior clarity and durability
  • Available in two formats:
    • flanged (recommended for laser trabeculoplasty)    
    • no flanged (recommended for routine gonioscopy)  


Mirror Angles Image Magnification Laser Spot Size Contact Diameter
60° / 64° 1.50x 0.67x

Flange: 15 mm

No Flange: 8.4 mm