UFSK SurgiForce Light

Brand: UFSK

SKU: SR1UF26000006

The UFSK SurgiForce Light surgeon's chair with unique gas spring technology. Comfortable seating system for precise, highly focused environments.

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SurgiForce light – extraordinary technology and materials in typical surgiForce premium design, in combination with other control elements. A clearly structured twin footswitch plus manually operated gasspring mechanisms in the arm supports – designed for surgeons that prefer precision while they adjust their arm position with minimum fuss.


  • The comfort seating system can be individually adjusted for every surgeon to ensure correct and back-friendly sitting and working postures for every staff member. A sliding mechanism underneath the seat allows the user to adjust the seat surface and seat depth.
  • The dynamic seating system has a lumbar support which is activated automatically by the surgeon’s bodyweight. The intensity of ergonomic support can be adjusted underneath the seat. Turning, tilting, rotating: The armrests have been designed for fast and easy 3D movements. Armrests made of molded PUR foam – Pleasant to the touch, suitable for disinfectants.
  • High-precision, maintenance- free ball joint for full 360-degree range armrest movements around all axes. Need to readjust surgiForce while maintaining sterile conditions? Not a problem! In addition to the foot switch, surgiForce features so-called “one-hand triggers” underneath the armrests. Lift them briefly to adjust the height! Armrests with unique gas-spring mechanism.
  • Armrest height is adjustable independently of seat height. It takes only simple rolling movement to manually control the gas spring mechanism.
  • User-friendly polyamide foot switches for seat height adjustment. Keeps the hands sterile. Easy-to-reach brake levers on either side of the driving mechanism for centralized braking / unfettered maneuvering. The easy-to-reach and easy-to-use central brake acts on all four double castors to keep the surgiForce and safely and reliably in the desired position. surgiForce’s light mirror-finish plastic cover panels with their scratch-resistant and impact-modified surface finish are extremely hygienic and easy to disinfect.
  • The charger-battery-control unit integrated in the drive mechanism permits off-grid operation at protective low voltage. Splash-protected charging socket on the bottom of the drive mechanism.
  • The drive mechanism’s base is made of cast aluminum. This means maximum stability and longevity and no-limits mobility. And the material and workmanship meet the strictest sanitary requirements. surgiForce?s five high-grade double castors are smooth-running and rotated by 360 degrees. This means no-limits mobility, especially in confined operating room spaces. surgiForce?s central front castor in particular gives extra stability to keep the treating surgeons safely in place whenever they shift their bodyweight forward.