S4Optik PD-1 Digital Pupilometer

Brand: S4Optik


The S4Optik PD-1 Digital Pupilometer offers accurate monocular and binocular PD measurements.

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CA$450.00 CA$350.00

S4OPTIK’s Corneal Reflection Pupilometer precisely measures and digitally recording pupillary distances. It measures monocular and binocular pupillary distances for all distances between 30 cm and infinity and one eye can be occluded for patients with abnormal binocular vision. Monocular and binocular PD measurements from 45 to 82mm can be measured in 0.5mm steps.


  • Fast, easy operation
  • Large digital display
  • Monocular and binocular measurements
  • Vertex distance measurement
  • Focus distance adjustments from 30cm to infinity
  • Auto Off feature