Good Lite Metal Distometer

Brand: Good Lite


Good Lite Metal Distometer - Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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The Distometer (or Vertex Distance) gauge is designed to accurately measure the vertex distance between the apex of the cornea and real surface of the trial lens or the inside surface of the spectacle Rx lens. The Conversion Disc is then used to convert the vertex distance into an equivalent lens power for the estimated distance from the eye to the final Rx.

Measures vertex distance between Cornea and trial lens to compare with lens mounted in a frame.

Having the patient close the eye and one end of the instrument or caliper resting against the upper eyelid and the other pressing against the back of surface of the spectacle lens. The scale of the gauge automatically compensates for the lid thickness.

The conversion scale permits recalculating the effect of any difference in vertex distance between the Trial Lenses and the resultant spectacle Rx which can produce an error in the effective power of the correction.