Ocular Hwang-Latina 5.0 Indexing SLT Lens w/ Flange

Brand: Ocular


The Ocular Hwang-Latina 5.0 Indexing SLT Lens is designed for single-handed rotation and features an integrated indexing ring.

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The Ocular Hwang-Latina 5.0 SLT with a flange, is now available with our revolutionary integrated indexing ring, that provides rotational reference for each series of laser spots.The ring “clicks” into 8 positions that coincide with the embedded reference bar within the lens. The reference bar provides a visual guide for placement of sub-threshold laser spots and identifies where to pinpoint the next one. Provides the same easy estimation of a 45° section of the trabecular meshwork imaged at width of 5mm. The reference bar can also be used to estimate the size of the anterior chamber angle structures. Single handed rotation design eliminates the need to use both hands in re-positioning the lens. Physician is able to focus on the patient’s eye without interruption of the treatment. The anterior ring can be easily removed for cleaning.