NIDEK RT-6100 Intelligent Refractor

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK RT-6100 is a streamlined digital refractor. Increase your efficiency, patient flow, and profitability with NIDEK digital refractors.

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The RT-6100 is a breakthrough refractor from NIDEK that enhances refraction workflow. This refractor is designed to increase efficiency without compromising patient comfort. With a complete set of refraction functions, the RT-6100 provides the versatility for performing a quick refraction check to a comprehensive subjective refraction. The combination of a streamlined refractor head and user-friendly control console allows exceptionally precise and quick examinations. Enhanced data functions allow seamless digital communications for various network structures.


  • Streamlined refractor headIn pursuit of a superior experience for both patient and operator, the RT-6100 employs a honed ergonomic design.
  • The streamlined shape makes a sophisticated impression.
  • User-friendly control consoleThe 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen displays a great deal of information including near chart images, refraction diagrams, eye diagram, and visual images as viewed by impaired eyes.
  • Binocular open refractionSeven different programs are available with the RT-6100. The binocular open refraction program, using fogging, takes measurements with more natural vision of patient, including the cross cylinder test.
  • Program edit function
  • Examination program can be easily selected or customized with understandable screen displays and a flexible edit function, to meet any operator’s needs.
  • Simplified data transfer  NIDEK technologies are integrated to enhance productivity and communication between automated systems in the practice.
  • NIDEK products communicate directly to your EMR systems for seamless data transfer without costly transcription errors.