NIDEK RT-3100 Intelligent Refractor

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK-3100 computerized refraction system offers a wireless interface with NIDEK autorefractors and autolensmeters.

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The New RT-3100 Boasts a Compact Size & Lightening Fast Examinations. The RT-3100 represents the ease of auto examinations with easy operation and consistent results each time with every operator. The built-in Eye Care card system, printer and simple software updates, support the examination practice. In addition to these functions, connection to EMR (Electric Medical Record) and comparison between auto lensmeter / auto refractometer data can be performed with the touch of a button. 5.7-inch Colour LCDEnhanced informative colour LCD touch panel can display a great deal of information. VA charts and near point lamp can be selected easily by pressing the icons shown on the touch panel.


  • Smooth, quiet lens selection for faster examinations
  • R / L independent PD adjustment for improved precision
  • Built-in clear and safe illumination (white LED)
  • High quality near point card