NIDEK NT-530P Non-Contact Tono/Pachymeter

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK NT-530P Non-Contact Tono/Pachymeter is a unique combination that includes ACA mode which allows visual observation of the anterior chamber angle.

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Combination Non-Contact Tonometer, Non-Contact Pachymeter With enhanced Automatic Puff Control, the NT-530P achieves a softer and quieter air puff than ever, making the test easier for patients. The NT-530P features a 3D tracking, alignment and focus system to make operation easy fro even novice operators. Using Scheimpflug imaging, the NT-530P measures corneal thickness and this can be combined with the IOP measurement to calculate a compensated IOP value.


  • IOP compensation by corneal thickness (only for NT-530)The IOP compensation can be calculated with manually entered patient’s central corneal thickness.
  • APC (Auto Puff Control)The APC provides a quieter and softer air puff for patient’s more comfort.
  • Tiltable 5.7-inch colour LCDThe 5.7-inch colour LCD with tilting function offers easy operation even for a standing operator.3-D auto tracking, auto shot, and auto complete (Auto complete is only for NT-530.)
  • Gentle Puff
  • Non-Contact Pachymetry
  • 3D Tracking, Alignment and Focus Auto Fire
  • Compensated IOP Calculations