NIDEK COS-6100 Compact Refraction System

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK COS-5100 Compact Refraction System is a space saving ophthalmic workstation with digital refractor, auto ref/keratometer, chart, and lensmeter.

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The COS-6100 is a highly advanced and space saving ophthalmic workstation incorporating a computerized refractor, auto ref/keratometer, space saving chart, and lensmeter. The COS-6100 brings together all of the components of the refraction process to one compact package that allows expedited refractions in 1/3 the space of a conventional exam room. The SSC-350CG projection system controls the contrast of the letters on the white background so the COS-6100 can be used in an illuminated room.


  • The COS-6100 features the RT-6100 computerized refractor that manages the refraction so that a comprehensive refraction process can be preprogrammed for a variety of patient types: standard, child, unlettered adult. The RT-6100’s NEW unique “Assist” function also offers operation & question guidance to help operators with examination proceedings.
  • Motorized Table with Safety MechanismVertical movement of the motorized main table can be controlled with the limit switch (downward movement of the table stops when the table reaches an obstruction) for higher patient safety.
  • Colour Touch-Screen
  • Improved Test and Target Design
  • Intelligent Cross Cylinder
  • Flash Memory
  • Three Contrast and Glare-Testing Modes
  • Multiple Near Tests Tilt-Screen for Near Testing
  • Built-in Rear-Reading Card Lights
  • Table Patient-Height Control