Haag-Streit R900 Tonometer w/ Mount

Brand: Haag-Streit


Reichert Ocu-Film + Tip Covers protect your Tono-Pen tonometers from dust and fluids, and help protect patients from the risks of cross contamination. Ocu-Film + Tip Covers are 100% hand inspected by trained technicians and then sanitized.

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CA$2,832.72 - CA$2,843.72

The AT 900 Goldmann tonometer comes in several different models with a comprehensive range of accessories. Each tonometer attaches to the slit lamp and pivots in front of the microscope for easy examination, with observation of the applanated surface conducted monocularly. 

Disposable tonometer prisms (such as Tonosafe™) or resusable Goldmann measuring prisms can be used with all Haag-Streit tonometers.

  • An extremely accurate device for the measurement of intraocular pressure between 0 to 78mmHg.
  • As the area of applanation is only 3.042mm the scleral rigidity does not influence readings.

Slit lamp compatibility

The Haag-Streit Goldmann applanation tonometers are mounted in different ways depending on which slit lamp is being used. The tonometers are compatible with all models of Haag-Streit slit lamps, including the BQ 900, BP 900, BI 900, BM 900 and BD 900.