3M Surface Saver Plus High Bond Tape

Brand: 3M

SKU: OM23M1640_

The 3M Surface Saver Plus is a high bond Lens Processing Tape. Each roll is 4 IN X 50 YD per roll.

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CA$55.00 - CA$595.00

  • Conformable for all types of lens styles and base curves: low edge lifting
  • Heat sheilded thermo protection
  • Available on liner
  • Blue
  • Easy deblocking
  • No adhesive residue

3M™ Surface Saver™ surfacing tape is optimized for consistent protection performance during RX optical lens processing. Designed to provide a high strength bond to alloy and superior torque resistance.

Suggested Applications

  • May be used in RX optic lens generating
  • Scratch prevention or surface protection when cutting eye glass lenses
  • Alloy blocking
  • Material and / or technology for health care or medical device
  • Aids in general optical lens processing