3M Leap III Finish Blocking Pad

Brand: 3M

SKU: OM23M1692M_

3M Round Blocking Pad designed for Nidek & Weco Full Eye blocks. Used for lens edging. 26 mm and comes in rolls of 1,000 peices.

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CA$84.05 - CA$126.48

  • Torque (slip) resistant
  • Conformable for all types of lens styles and base curves: low edge lifting
  • Adheres to various eyeglass lens materials
  • Finished good for Opthalmic Industry
  • For use during edging or finishing of ophthalmic lenses

3M™ LEAP™ pads are blocking pads, also known as edging pads, that are used when edging lenses in the finishing department of optical wholesale labs and optical retailers.

Suggested Applications

  • May be used in RX optic lens edging or finishing
  • Used when edging opthalmic lenses
  • All edging equipment
  • Material and / or technology for health care or medical device
  • Aids in general optical lens processing