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The field of optometry is increasingly challenging as competition increases, reimbursements shrink, and customers become more demanding. So how do you differentiate your practice from the rest and keep sales from walking out the door?

Office lens finishing. Modern edging technology allows eye care practitioners to quickly cut and shape lenses with ease and precision. By bringing lens finishing capabilities directly into the office, professionals can enhance patient satisfaction, streamline workflows, and ultimately increase profitability.

Here are a few reasons to seriously consider in-office lens edging: 

Rapid Turnaround Time 

Traditionally, the lens finishing process involved outsourcing lens manufacturing to external laboratories, resulting in prolonged turnaround times for patients. With an edger in-house, eye care professionals can significantly reduce the waiting period, enhancing patient satisfaction and overall practice efficiency. By eliminating the need to rely on external providers, practitioners gain full control over the production timeline.  

Quality Control 

Maintaining control over the quality of the lens manufacturing process is critical to ensuring patient satisfaction and achieving optimal visual outcomes. In-house lens finishing empowers eye care professionals to oversee every aspect of production, from verifying the accuracy of the prescription to ensuring proper lens alignment and surface quality. By closely monitoring the manufacturing process, practitioners can identify and rectify any issues promptly, guaranteeing the delivery of superior eyewear to their patients. 

Increased Profitability 

Integrating lens finishing capabilities in-house presents a significant opportunity for eye care practices to bolster their profitability. By reducing external lab costs, practices can capture a larger portion of the revenue generated from lens sales. Additionally, the reduction in turnaround times allows for increased patient throughput, ultimately leading to higher patient volumes and revenue. Investing in a lens edger can yield substantial returns over time, making it an attractive long-term business strategy. 

Increased Optical Sales 

Many practices see a significant increase in eyewear sales due to the increased speed and convenience for patients. Edging lenses in-house can make the difference between patients shopping elsewhere versus buying on the spot at your office. No online retailer can offer new glasses on the spot. 

Increased Patient Retention & Referrals 

With an in-office lens edger, patients can enjoy quicker access to their prescribed eyewear, leading to increased patient retention and a more positive overall experience. A patient in a bind with broken glasses and needing a new pair quickly will appreciate the fast service and is likely to refer others to your practice. 
Additionally, patients can directly interact with the eye care professional responsible for their lens customization, fostering a sense of trust and transparency. The ability to make on-the-spot adjustments and modifications ensures that any concerns or fitting issues are promptly addressed, thus creating a more pleasurable patient experience. 

In the end, integrating in-office lens finishing offers numerous benefits for both practitioners and patients. Rapid turnaround times, improved patient experience, increased profitability, and stringent quality control are among the notable advantages of this innovative technology. By investing in a lens edger, you can elevate your level of service, build patient trust, and position your practice as the place for total eyecare solutions.  

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