Volk HRX Vitrectomy Lens

Brand: Volk


The Volk HRX Vit lens features high index glass and a small profile ring and offers wide field views of the retina.

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CA$1,480.77 - CA$1,553.08


Primary Application – Far-Peripheral Indirect Vitreoretinal Procedures

  • High index glass delivers widest field, distortion free retinal views of any surgical lens
  • Small profile ring facilitates instrument manipulation and surgical procedures
  • Available in standard and patented self stabilizing contact (SSV¨) options
  • Ideal for retinal detachments and giant retinal tears
Field of View Image Magnification
130° / 150° 0.43x



Primary Application – Widest Field Views for Vitreoretinal Procedures

  • Superior high index glass design ensures widest field views of any vitrectomy lens
  • Advanced aspheric design provides unmatched high resolution imaging
  • Steam sterilizable for reduced processing time
Field of View Image Magnification
130° / 150° 0.43x