Volk 60D Aspheric Lens

Brand: Volk


The Volk 60D slit lamp lens features high magnification and a double aspheric design, ideal for detailed examination of the central retina.

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The 60D lens is one of the high magnification fundoscopy lenses used for a thorough and detailed examination of the central retina such as the macula and the nerve head. The trademark double aspheric design provides excellent detail and imaging for detecting subtle details and indications of retinal abnormalities. The optical profile of this lens requires a longer working distance of 18 mm from the patient. The high magnification provided by this lens is a great choice for diagnosis and assessment of the severity of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, following cup to disk ratios in patients and capillary hemorrhages. Dilation is required to obtain optimum retinal imaging with the 60D.


 Field of View Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification Working Distance
68° / 81° 1.15x 0.87x 13 mm