UFSK AssistPro

Brand: UFSK

SKU: SR1UF24000005

The UFSK AssistPro operating chair is a multi-purpose saddle seat chair designed for comfort and economy of space. Shop now with INNOVA.

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With the assistPro, you as an OR assistant will find the perfect companion for long and physically challenging OR assignments. The extremely stable assistant chair has a comfortable seat and backrest and is available in the assistPro F and assistPro H versions. There are two different models: assistPro F (foot trigger for sterile height adjustment) and assistPro H (manual trigger). 


  • Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest to support the correct, back-friendly sitting posture
  • Lordosis support with individually adjustable height and angle adjustment for protection of the lumbar region
  • Easy-to-clean, durable seat cover made of medical-grade imitation leather for the highest hygiene requirements in the OR (optionally with antistatic upholstery)
  • High-grade 5-arm aluminium pedestal
  • Excellent handling characteristics thanks to smooth-running double castors
  • Optionally available with braking double castors
  • Supports loads up to 130 kilograms