Reliance 5356 Stool

Brand: Reliance

SKU: ST1RL5356_

The Reliance 5356 Stool feature a unique wrap around arm, 15" round seat and 3-way adjustable support arm for exceptional comfort and support.

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  • The Reliance 5356 is a top-of-the line stool features a unique curved upholstered support.
  • The three way support arm serves as an abdominal, arm or back rest. It swivels 360 degrees and has an 11″ horizontal traverse.
  • A single handle locks its jam-proof mechanism. It adjusts 2 1/” vertically relative to the seat and can be made available for right or left-handers.
  • The upholstery is rich, long-lasting.
  • Five-legged, 19.75″ diameter base
  • Seat height range is 18.5” to 25.0”