Oasis Softplug Silicon

Brand: Oasis


Oasis Softplug Silicon punctal plug is designed to reduce dislocation and is easy to remove. It comes in multiple sizes in sterile, preloaded 6-pack boxes.

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CA$84.00 - CA$486.00

The OASIS Medical Silicone Punctal Plug is designed to be inserted into the punctal opening in order to control tear drainage through the canaliculus. Each punctum plug is molded from medical grade silicone.

The distinctive low-profile cap combined with a softer, more flexible silicone maximizes patient comfort. The inserter provides greater control and minimizes the potential for accidental release of the plug. Soft Plug® silicone plugs are removable with forceps.

The OASIS Medical Silicone Punctal Plug has a thin head portion designed to remain outside the punctum and rest on the eyelid. The central shaft portion of the plug has a smaller diameter than the head portion and is designed to fit through the punctal opening. The nose portion of the plug has a larger diameter which is designed to fit in the canaliculum in order to retain the plug in the punctum. Silicone punctal plugs are available in two styles: the original punctum plug with a closed nose portion which blocks flow through the punctal opening, and the Flow Control punctal plug with an opening through the nose portion which allows flow through the punctal opening.


  • More comfortable to the patient
  • Less likely to dislocate
  • Easier to remove should the need arise
  • Multiple sizes
  • Sterile, preloaded in 6-pack box
  • Also available preloaded in 2-pack and 20-pack dispenser box.