NIDEK Optical Biometer AL-Scan M

Brand: NIDEK


NIDEK AL-SCAN M for Myopia Management: Precision and Accuracy

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The First Piece for Myopia Management. The Key Piece for Success

Clinical and scientific literature indicates that axial length is an excellent parameter to predict and monitor the progression of myopia.

Hence, optical biometers are considered essential for myopia management. As most facilities already have an auto refractometer, you can immediately begin myopia management with the AL-Scan M and the MV-1 Myopia Viewer software.

Why the AL-Scan M is an essential first piece for your Myopia Management practice?

  • Simply add it to your practice and your platform is ready for Myopia Management: As most facilities already have an auto refractometer, the AL-Scan M provides the other essential components for myopia management.
  • Easy. Quick. Accurate: Like an auto refractometer, the 3D auto tracking and auto shot enable for simple use and speedy measurement. The axial length measuring accuracy is the same as that of the NIDEK AL-Scan, which is utilised in cataract practises worldwide.
  • Visualize progression and treatment outcomes: Measurements taken over time can be tracked and compared to the growth curve*. Furthermore, the MV-1** Myopia Viewer software summarises the history of treatment and patient behaviour. The history is essential for therapeutic decision-making, and the intuitive representations aid in patient and parental education.

* Tideman JWL, Polling JR, Vingerling JR, et al. Axial length growth and the risk of developing myopia in European children. Acta Ophthalmol. 2018;96(3):301-309. doi:10.1111/aos.13603

** A license is required for use of the MV-1. A license is included with the AL-Scan M.