NIDEK MP-3 Microperimeter

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK MP-3 Microperimeter measures local retinal sensitivity for functional assessment of the retina.

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Wide Measurement Range Auto Tracking and Auto Alignment Fixation Test High Resolution Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera MP-3 Images of Pre- and Post-treatment Comparison


  • The MP-3 has a wider range of stimulus intensity, from 0 to 34 dB, compared to the MP-1.
  • The MP-3 measures perimetric threshold values, even for normal eyes. A maximum stimulus luminance of 10,000 asb* allows evaluation of low-sensitivity.
  • Auto tracking and auto alignment functions provide more accurate measurements increasing patient and operator comfort and efficiency.These functions allow easy follow-up and reduce variations between examiners, resulting in well-aligned follow up exams.
  • The MP-3 can measure fixation and determine the preferred retinal locus, simply by having the patient fixate on a target. Any change in fixation can be compared pre- and post-treatment because the patient’s eye is constantly tracked during microperimetry. This test allows evaluation of fixation in patients with central visual field defects and determines whether fixation improved after treatment.
  • The 12-megapixel fundus camera in the MP-3 acquires high resolution images of retinal pathology and allows easy image acquisition