NIDEK Lfu 220 Lens Dust Filtration Unit

Brand: NIDEK

SKU: OM3NK447300310

The NIDEK lfu 220 Lens Dust Filtration Unit features a sophisticated "Hybrid System" that separates water and the processing waste.

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Environmental issues continue to be a concern in all sectors, with NIDEK’s own leading technology, Lfu 220 features a sophisticated “Hybrid System” that separates water and the processing waste.

This combination of a traditional filtration style with the latest centrifugal filtration method in a compact design helps reduce water consumption drastically.


  • Hybrid System – The Lfu 220 features NIDEK original “Hybrid System”, combined with centrifugal and filtration methods. The unit is highly instrumental in eliminating lens “Hair Lines” and scratching, clearly of more and more importance given the increasing cost of today’s complex lenses. By keeping the lens edger processing chamber clean, it essentially extends the life of the edger.
  • User-friendly operation – Disposing of the processing waste is achieved by simply emptying the settling bucket.
  • Compact design – The Lfu 220 can be stored inside any lens edger cabinet without occupying more space that the lens edger’s footprint.
  • Water conservation and temperature stability – Using centrifugal filtration technology, the unit drastically reduces water consumption in the shop / lab. The Lfu 220 is also designed to cost-effectively eliminate disposed lens grinding sludge, commonly seen with direct water cooling systems, which can potentially contaminate sewage systems.