NIDEK LED-200 Plus Lens Edger Deoderizer

Brand: NIDEK


The LED-200 Plus is slim and compact. It can be stored in an optional table specialized for NIDEK lens edgers.

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The LED-200 Plus is slim and compact. It can be easily stored in small spaces.

Odor and smoke occurring during the roughing cycle of High Index and Trivex lenses can be automatically eliminated by using our LED-200 Plus. This unit uses a vacuum to remove offensive gases and smoke through a carbon filter creating fresh, odor-free air. The unit connects easily to any edger and is extremely user-friendly.


  • Power Saving Function to automatically start and stop with lens edger operation
    The LED-200 Plus automatically starts and stops simultaneously with the lens edger and streamlines the operation flow.
  • High-performance deodorization Hydrogen sulfide, which causes unpleasant odors, is deodorized efficiently by using a high-performance carbon filter.
  • Simple Cartridge Replacement With a new front cover design, it’s easier than ever to replace a cartridge.