NIDEK Echoscan US-4000 B-Scan

Brand: NIDEK


The NIDEK Echoscan US-4000 B-Scan is a comprehensive ultrasound device includes B-scan, Biometry and Pachymetry

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Two Devices – One Perfect Solution
The US-4000 comprehensive ultrasound device includes B-scan, Biometry and Pachymetry. Combining all three functions in one compact and innovative device brings a new image to your practice.
Only for the US-4000, the US-500 includes Biometry and Pachymetry.


  • A Crisp and Clear Image The results are high quality images, which are essential for accurate analysis. The key to achieving high quality images is through scanning 400 lines over 60º which is displayed on a 1024 x 768
    XGA monitor. High contrast of resonated signals and the high quality LCD monitor provide the ideal images for the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Internal Printer B-scan image is easily printed with the internal thermal printer and may be attached to thus-4000.pdfe patient’s medical record sheet.