Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope Head (3.6v)

Brand: Keeler

SKU: HH1KE1128P1004

The Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope Head guarantees and easy use making routine examination easier for practitioner

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The Keeler Professional ophthalmoscope – head only was designed to ensure that you have total control. The Lenses, graticules and filters can all be altered at your fingertips with ease. 

LED Illumination, handle not included


  • Total Control at Your Fingertips
    The Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope has been designed to ensure ultimate control. Lenses, graticules, and filters can all be introduced at the touch of a finger. No need to pull away from the patient – the Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope makes routine examinations far easier.
  • LED illumination
    We recognize that illumination is of fundamental importance to good diagnoses. That’s why we have selected LED illumination for our ophthalmoscopes. This brighter, whiter, and longerlasting light will meet any diagnostic challenge! With LED, you have the power to diagnose even through cloudy media. LED technology will last throughout your career.
  • Positive-action maywheel
    The positive-action, easy-access maywheel not only allows you to dial up the required lenses quickly but it also allows you to know where you are without the need to pull away from the patient.
  • Swing-over filter
    The red-free filter for enhanced vessel examination can be used in conjunction with any of the six diagnostic beams.
  • Brow rest
    The integral soft brow rest allows for easy positioning and protects your lenses, if you wear glasses.