Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope Head (3.6v)

Brand: Keeler

SKU: HH1KE1302P1007

Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope Head - Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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vailable as Professional LED Retinoscope or Professional Combi (bulb) Retinoscope options. Keeler’s patent-pending LED Retinoscope is an ergonomic and portable handheld diagnostic instrument that will last a lifetime, and comes with a warranty to match. Head only. Comes with fixation cards for dynamic retinoscopy. Simply clip on and off for easy use.

BCS Technology (LED only in streak beam)
Easiest and most accurate refraction from the brightest illumination, increased contrast, and sharpness in your hands.

Longest battery life
Practice makes perfect, and our LED technology will increase your on time up to 300%, as compared to non-LED technology.

Double neutralization check
The Professional Combi (bulb) Retinoscope allows for the user to switch from spot to streak with the facility to double-check neutralization in both modes.

Easy access control
The Professional LED Retinoscope uses rare Earth magnet technology to provide optical precision refraction. A single control is used for rotation, convergence, and divergence. A choice of apertures is included to optimize brightness or resolution of the retinal reflex in 4mm or 1.7mm. The Professional LED Retinoscope comes with easily interchangeable soft brow rest for glasses wearers.

Light output
With up to 600 lux of brilliant illumination, the Professional LED Retinoscope guarantees you more than enough light to refract even the most difficult eyes.