Heine NT300/NT4 Adaptors for Slim Handle

Brand: Heine

SKU: HH3HEX0099086

Heine NT300/NT4 Adaptors for Slim Handle Â- Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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A two-piece adapter set required for BETA SLIM and Small F.O. Laryngoscope Rechargeable Handles to charge in the NT4 Charger or NT300 Charger.


  • Compatible with the following handles: BETA 4 SLIM NT Rechargeable handle, BETA SLIM Rechargeable handle, F.O. 4 SLIM NT Laryngoscope handle, and Small F.O. Laryngoscope handle. The charging adapter set is compatible with both the NT4 Charger and the older NT300 Charger.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Each adapter has an arrow on the side, as does the well rims on the Heine desk chargers. To correctly insert the adapter into your charger, please ensure that the two arrows are pointing toward each other. 
  • Only charge your rechargeable handle with the following HEINE chargers:
    • NT4 Charger: BETA 4 SLIM NT rechargeable handle
    • NT300 Charger: BETA SLIM rechargeable handle