Heidelberg Spectralis Fluorescein Angiography Module

Brand: Heidelberg

SKU: HA1HD88021

The Heidelberg Spectralis Fluorescein Angiography Module is available as an option for most Spectralis models.

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Dynamic Imaging Brings Angiography to Life: The transition from static flash photography to dynamic video imaging opens up a new world of diagnostic detail and is especially helpful in recording the fill cycle.

The SPECTRALIS® confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope (cSLO) technology enhances fluorescein angiography (FA) in two key ways. First, a precise laser wavelength generates the peak emission of light from fluorescein dye, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio. Secondly, confocal technology blocks out-of-focus and scattered light. The results are dramatic. SPECTRALIS video FA provides clear, detailed images of the capillary bed in real-time and can reveal leakage that may be missed with static FA. Since no flash is involved, the patient is more comfortable and cooperative for follow-up examinations.

SPECTRALIS FA can be combined with ICG angiography (ICGA), allowing the clinician to simultaneously view both retinal and choroidal blood flow. Clinicians can watch the dye coursing through the vessels and appreciate narrowing and partial blockage not always visible in static images.

In addition, SPECTRALIS FA can also be combined with simultaneous spectral domain OCT, providing clinicians with the exact location of the cross-sectional image. Simultaneous imaging aids in diagnosis, assists with treatment planning, and enhances the clinic workflow.

This module is available as an option for most Spectralis models:

  • Spectralis OCT Plus
  • Spectralis HRA
  • Spectralis FA-OCT
  • Spectralis HRA-OCT