Good Lite VIC Flip Chart Preschool Vision Screening Kit

Brand: Good Lite

SKU: CH2GL100000

Kit available for screening the vision of preschoolers

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The handheld flip chart included features LEA SYMBOLS® and HOTV optotypes for screening children ages preschool through grade 12. The background is gray with the exception of a white rectangle spaced at 50% surrounding each line of symbols. Contains one practice line of 20/80 and critical line sizes of 20/40 and 20/32.

Preschool Vision Screening Kit includes:

  • Handheld LEA SYMBOLS® and HOTV flip chart for screening children, ages preschool through grade 12
  • 10ft/3m Cord to measure testing distance
  • Fun Frame Horse Occluder glasses
  • Response Panel and Flash Cards
  • Screening directions

Testing distance: 10 feet/3 meters.