Good Lite Pediatrician Starter Kit

Brand: Good Lite

SKU: CH2GL100100

Packed with the essentials, this kit works for both the new practitioner and the seasoned veteran.

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This kit can be used in the medical home for pediatric patients aged 3 through high school, in the school setting, and in the Head Start setting.

You can add items to the toolkit to individualize it for your group or state.

This kit includes the following items:

• 255200 Wall Chart with LEA SYMBOLS® and Sloan Letters: For distance visual acuity screening of children ages 3 – 5 years with LEA Symbols and for distance visual ?acuity screening of older children with Sloan Letters.
• 101200 PASS 2 Stereoacuity Test: For measuring the quality of depth perception of children ages 3 through high school.
• Children’s Fun Frame Occluders: For distance visual acuity screening of younger children.
• 760000 Translucent Occluder: For conducting a cross cover test.