DORC Subretinal & Membrane Instruments

Brand: DORC


DORC Subretinal Instruments have been designed with small, thin and long instrument tips which allow small retinotomies

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DORC Subretinal Instruments have been designed with small, thin and long instrument tips which allow small retinotomies and minimize stretching of the retinotomy. DORC offers the most extensive array of instruments for subretinal surgery, and is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art for subretinal instrument design.

The DORC Membrane Instruments are designed to provide the vitreoretinal surgeon with an array of instruments for atraumatic dissection of vitreous membranes. These instruments offer a comprehensive selection suitable for all vitreoretinal procedures involving membrane removal. Each instrument has been precisely handcrafted to ensure the ultimate in performance and versatility. DORC offers the most extensive range of membrane instruments available for vitreoretinal surgery.