Diamatrix Diamond Knives

Brand: Diamatrix

SKU: SU1DT03620

Diamatrix Diamond Knives are the best instrument to create an incision the eye. Nothing compares to a Diamatrix diamond knife in terms of sharpness, consistency of incisions, and quality.

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Simply put, a gem quality diamond knife is the best instrument to create an incision the eye. Exquisite feel and sharpness, superior wound healing, reproducible incisions, and cost-effectiveness are but some of the features that make a gem-quality diamond knife the preference. Only diamonds have the structure to create edge sharpness measured in angstroms, and gem diamonds, properly cared for, will hold this edge forever.

Diamatrix quality extends past the tip of our angstrom sharp edges. Our diamond knife blades have the tightest tolerances in the industry (+/- 5microns), longer premium diamond lengths, and are set in a high quality titanium handle.