Bernell Variable Tranaglyph – Complete Kit (600 Series)

Brand: Bernell


Bernell Variable Tranaglyph, Complete Kit (600 Series) - Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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The Variable Tranaglyph™ Kit (600 Series) is appropriate for a wide range of problems including strabismic and non-strabismic orthoptics. Fusional convergence/divergence range is from ortho to 30PD, 10.5″ x 5.5″ red/green targets are on transparent vinyl. Use with Polachrome Trainer as a cost-effective alternative to Polaroid vectograms.

Kit Includes: Five pairs of variable slides, New Age red/green goggles, hand-held horizontal slide holder, two red pointers and manual.