Bangarter Occlusion Foil

Brand: Generic


Bangerter Occlusion foils are a system of graded thin flexible patches of varying degrees of transparency that equalize the spatial contrast of the dominant eye.

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Bangerter occlusion foils are translucent, plastic filters that adhere to the back of a spectacle lens with only water. They block light transmission and reduce visual acuity in a graded fashion.  Foils may be cut to fit most frame sizes and shapes and adhere to existing lenses with only water.

Foil size is approx. 2.5″ x 2.5″


  • May be used as a preventative measure for amblyopia, suppression and abnormal retinal correspondence.
  • Used therapeutically in the treatment of amblyopia, orthoptic treatment, diplopia, diplopia with monocular aphakia (with <0.1).
  • May be used as a primary treatment or as alternative treatment in cases where patching therapy is no longer providing further benefits.