Azarga Suspension – 1.0 Percent (5ml)

Brand: Generic

SKU: DR2NV056394300448

Azarga Suspension - 1.0 Percent (5mL) - Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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AZARGA is used to lower pressure in the eye and to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition in which the pressure of fluid in the eye may be high. However, some people with glaucoma may have normal eye pressure.

AZARGA combines two ingredients, brinzolamide and timolol. Brinzolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and timolol is a beta-blocker. Both brinzolamide and timolol work by reducing the production of fluid within the eye. Although AZARGA helps control your glaucoma, it does not cure it.