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NIDEK OPD SCAN III Wavefront Aberrometer – QTY=1

Binocular Indirects

Heine Omega 500 LED (Unplugged) – QTY=1

Keeler Vantage (Wireless) – QTY=1

Chairs & Stands

S4Optik Hydraulic Combo 2000 – QTY=1

Universal Chair Glide Unit – QTY=1

Reliance 7900 Instrument Stand – QTY=1

Cryo Systems

Keeler Active Cryomatic II Probe Standard Retinal 2.5mm (Reusable)  – QTY=1

Keeler Active Cryomatic II Probe Mid Retinal 2.5mm (Reusable)  – QTY=1

Keeler Active Cryomatic II Probe Glaucoma 3mm (Reusable)  – QTY=1

Dry Eye 

Espansione Eye-Light  – QTY=4


NIDEK MP-3 Microperimeter – QTY=1


NIDEK RT-6100 – QTY=9

S4Optik SL-Y100 – QTY=1


Keeler Applanation Tonometer R Type – QTY=1

Haag-Streit R900 BQ/BP – QTY=1

Keeler Tonocare Advanced (Wireless) – QTY=4

Stools & Stretchers

UFSK Active ECO 500 Treatment Chair – QTY=1

UFSK Active Surgiline with Formed Seat – QTY=1

Brewer Examination Stool with backrest – QTY=5

Slit Lamps 

Keeler Slit Lamp KSL-H-D – QTY=1

Keeler Slit Lamp KSL-Z5-DR – LED – QTY=1


Instrument Table Atlas – QTY=4

Optec 5500P Vision Testing System – QTY=1

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